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Wei Feng network, January 11, Apple recently said that because of an unknown error, and publishing partners shared some wrong iOS 9 News application usage data, and added that their is no way to know exactly how many people are using the service. KENZO iPhone 6 Case

Apple Senior Vice President of Internet software and services AiDi¡¤kuyi to the Wall Street Journal, by iOS 9 News provides content publishers receive the wrong data. As regards what is Apple still do not know, because currently they are focusing in on the other characteristics of a perfect fit.

He said: "we are currently working to solve the problem, but our data is much less than the actual data, we don't know exactly how much is the data. ¡±

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Apple did not introduce any details related to the question, or when the issue is found, but Cui pointed out that the use of the data, calculate too much less calculation, accurate traffic data for online content monetization is very important, because these data are an important reference for advertising pricing and sales. Kenzo france

Application of the uncertainty: what is Apple News flow

With Apple News Publishers can keep all the proceeds from the sale of advertising, if media release party ad by Apple is responsible for sales, then into the Apple and the media will be 37. Regardless of which is the case, Apple requires must be advertise through its iAd network.

As for future development, Cui said that Apple is currently developing new features for iAd, including a self-service advertising sales tool, which is expected to be launched within two months.

On analysis, the News limited application support tools to integrate data from comScore, and some publications want to support easier access for more information. Apple just by simple email provides publishers with a spreadsheet, so that they can understand the latest data.

News last September with the iOS 9 synchronization log in United States, after a month in Australia and the United Kingdom launched, its users currently has more than 40 million people. So far Apple has not published on the application of the rate of flow or this publication.

Cui said the Apple News app used in "rapid growth ... ... But that doesn't mean we don't want users continues to grow. "Cui stressed that Apple launched the app again is not to control the distribution of content, but want to be able to provide quality content for Apple device users.

News content can be customized by the user of the application, showing personalized features will become direct competitors of Flipboard. Apple users can choose according to their interest in a variety of news sources, News will be news information sources integration and elegant interface for a display in the News again.

With Explore button in the News, you can find the recommended content and topic. Read more in the News, it will recommend more content you might be interested in. Pictures in the News reading experience, Apple calls it Photo mosaics. At present, the News has more content partners, including the New York Times, ESPN, etc.

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