Domestic manufacturers of frustration: why is VR phone box, doing is not as good as the Samsung

(Pico1 VR cell phone box)

"As": VR phone boxes, which many insiders believe is pseudo-VR experience bad, however Samsung Gear VR acclaim. Why do so many domestic manufacturers make phone box, but no one can achieve Samsung's level? VR Box headset

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network" public concern about) the first experience Pico1 when you move the VR, think this is a good homemade VR cell phone boxes, because it makes me feel a kind of similar to Oculus immersion. But following several experiences found all sorts of problems, insert a different phone, problems encountered are different.

Pico1 a music video had been working with the launch of Super helmet Pico (the bird) in Beijing released a product similar products very much. This adapter 5-6-inch cell phone, cell phone through a Bluetooth connection, there is a touchpad for control in the right side of the helmet. At first glance thought it was good, because it's myopic regulatory function so I don't have to wear glasses to read (and many other products have this feature, but the results were not good), another angle is good.

Further experience found that experience is not perfect, some of the extent of the problem will change depending on the phone's different, such as the drift of the screen, Samsung, Huawei, millet's cell phone will do better, reporter and later Moto x is very serious, because the various hardware and software products is mixed. Of course, this is a test version, the official version in the software can be improved. These problems are also common in other domestic mobile phone box.

Gear VR is a phone box, the gold standard: why standard of domestic producers is difficult to do the same? Network interviewed the CEO of Pico Lei Feng Zhou Hongwei (not Zhou Hong祎).

Domestic manufacturers of frustration: why is VR phone box, doing is not as good as the Samsung

(Pico CEO Zhou Hongwei)

Lei feng's network: I have Caton in found footage while they play, why is this?

Zhou Hongwei: you said it, contains two links, the first link is a gyroscope motion algorithm processing, including image output for this product all of which were realized in the phone.

How do you say we do this kind of product, the greatest experience is nothing, if you want to do better? Must be for mobile systems, software, include the bottom part of a modification, which enhance the depth of development to do.

VR actually do good, I have two points: one is the adapter at the bottom of a good, or VR did some revising and perfecting; the second screen of the screen itself is very good. I now see, this kind of mobile phone products, experience with me today about two in category three (desktop VR and VR-one) there is a gap. Two other products can remedy these problems, and mobile containers may need to work with mobile phone suppliers to do.

We launched this new product will fit as many phones as possible, which is uneven, processing speed, and screen refresh rate will affect the experience.

Lei feng's network: I have a question for a special adapter for Samsung Gear VR games, another cell phone, change a VR helmet and experience will be a great difference?

Zhou Hongwei: it depends on what kind of games. If some game emphasizes the depth of the VR experience, bigger, faster, really bad. Are there restrictions on the first screen, Archiact the game like that and put them in some bad experience on a mobile phone. One possibility is that companies actually do, is for domestic mobile phone screen adaptation.

A sense that limits the product's experience and development. Samsung is so positive? Because it is born with this accumulation. But this will change.

Lei feng's network: a high split-screen is AMOLED is universal, in addition phone performance will increase.

Zhou Hongwei: because mobile phone manufacturers are concerned about this, but I think they haven't committed to doing this. Adjusted from the phone three-axis gyro, acceleration, and then select screen, you can do with Samsung was very close.

Lei feng's network: at this time we expect mobile manufacturers themselves are willing to do some adjustment going to fit in this regard.

Zhou Hongwei: prior to VR helmets are light experience, cannot be said to experience. So there is some small games, video, videos, 360 degree all these things.

Domestic manufacturers of frustration: why is VR phone box, doing is not as good as the Samsung

Lei feng's network: Pico on today's event also refers to the adaptation of mainstream 5-6 inch mobile phone?

Zhou Hongwei: nothing more than optical adapter. Pico VR software we can read your phone's model, including the resolution of the screen. Equivalent to the back-end database that has a cell phone, an insert that you know parameter, it's really quite simple. It can make the appropriate adjustments, so that users see the black border.

Lei feng's network: this adaptation of sensor, the system is also no depth.

Lei feng's network: continue to talk about the content, and each wishing to establish their own standards, want to allow content producers to match your own. But is unlikely to have done for each of the models of the content adaptation, only some phones can be selected, select some helmets. This choice, most definitely would choose Samsung, or other companies.

Zhou Hongwei: refers to content, in fact, is primarily a PC platform mobile platform, mobile platform less. So you need to set up a standard, unified interface, it is not so easy.

There is a process, Google has such appeal, it is also true that in actively working on this matter. Is the same as mobile OS, if done well, naturally he can unite these platforms. But it could be 2016 or 2017, it will be in the second half have significantly improved.

For us, the Pico co-operative and open attitude, a common standard is a good thing. VR box goggles


Lei feng's network also heard from the others, actually is most suitable for VR phone box for mobile phone makers, because they have full control on their phone. Smell millet, however, its two domestic manufacturers have some action, but did not release related products. In fact, everyone knows that VR is the air, believe that they are not to be missed. For startups, could face up to hug her, or the destruction of the choices.

VR box goggles

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