If the App Store is an independent company, it must also be the Fortune 500! Does this explain iPhone sales growth remains healthy?

IPhone App Store crazy growth decline was misunderstood?

About a week ago, according to Apple's official report, 2015 alone for a whole year, App Store spending more than $ 20 billion, if the Apple share count, every dollar Apple extract 0.3 dollars into his account, then Apple App Store revenue of more than US $ 6.6 billion last year. Already there are many striking examples to prove that the numbers are exaggerated, such as the Netflix company is also selling content, a year is almost the number ($ 6.8 billion).

Certainly it was pointed out that the $ 6.6 billion to Apple for the company as a whole is not what Apple FY 2015 annual gross income of up to $ 234 billion. However, App Store sales growth indirectly reflects the strength of Apple crazy hardware, indicating whether smart phone, tablet or computer product sales are very good, after all, has always been Apple hardware products the best indicators of real income.

Crazy App Store growth

Apple App Store revealed a little of actual income figures for the entire year is how much, just sales, time released almost every January 1. For example, the beginning of 2014, Apple announced the 2013 total more than $ 10 billion of the user in the App Store. Then in early 2015, Apple says 2014 total consumption grew by 50% App Store users, already comes to $ 15 billion.

Apple also said that since the 2008 Global App Store to developers to pay nearly US $ 40 billion, developer profits increasing from $ 25 billion last year and $ 15 billion. After this numbers into projections, Apple App Store sales throughout the year 2015 year should be around $ 21 billion, rose did not decline, even higher than this figure over the past 50%.

TESLA iPhone

Apple is also mentioned in a new report, App Store once again during the December holidays in the West at the end of a record. Despite reports about iPhone sales declines, stocks fall, but Apple still says users worldwide to buy app and in-app purchase items totaling more than $ 1.1 billion, more than at any time in the past, flow with the purchase for two weeks on record, and new year's day only reached US $ 144 million in sales. TESLA iPhone

Does that mean iPhone sales are still growing?

IPhone App Store crazy growth decline was misunderstood?

Apple App Store, although these figures are not an important basis for revenue guidance, nor direct proof how sales of the iPhone, but there is no denying that this is a good sign, indicating that Apple's iPhone user base has continued to expand, even by iPhone 6s or 6s Plus reported sales declines, did not affect a growing number of iPhone users.

In addition, the same facts can we took last year to speak to me? As we all know, iPhone experience last year sales in the history of the most exaggerated one quarter reach 74.5 million in quarterly sales growth by as much as 37%, net sales increased by 52%. Taking into account this year's App Store revenue growth is similar to last year at the same time, this signal can suggest iPhone sales this quarter?

In fiscal year 2015, its quarterly analysts ' meeting, Apple boss Tim Cook noted that his iPhone shipments are expected to grow. But analysts are not optimistic about, and have lowered their expectations, or claiming that only 2% of iPhone sales for the quarter increased or think at best flat, or even expected to slide in.

Just recently, there are a number of analysts are not optimistic about sales of the iPhone, that iPhone sales have been slowing attitude, mainly based on rumors spread in the supply chain partners. For example, review of Nikkei Asia, recently reported that Apple cut component total orders for the quarter, reducing up to 30% over the same period last year. TESLA iPhone Case

We don't know the iPhone sales or order numbers came from a sharp decline in credibility, but at least Apple's official App Store sales can be regarded as the most credible basis.

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