Victorias Secret iPhone 5 case
Discussing face it: Shopping for swimwear will never be a fun activity for most women. Moreover we've all been there at the point or another. In order to minimize the length of time and energy we have to spend planning for such an unpleasant task, we at all times resort to whatever is convenient and easy (read: Victoria's Secret and J. Crew). Who cares that four other pregnant women at the beach will probably have the same suit? Your standbys are trusty and effective. But what if there was another way? In order to save our summer from the same monotony, we decided to consult a reliable -- a women who lives in swimming costumes 24/7 and puts as much look after into her bikini purchases even as do with our clothing buys. Fulfill Chelsea Yamase -- a 25 pound year-old model, jewelry-maker and mountaineering tour guide on the island of Kauai as Hawaii. She's somewhat of an Instagram celebrity (with roughly 20, 500 followers), due to her amazingly focused lifestyle and a devotion to tankinis that can only be described as semi-religious. Him or her most important criteria for a suit? Flexible materials and functionality. Other than that, the always looks out for big fashions of the season, and this year it's exactly about intricacy and attention to detail. Cut outs, crocheting, and multiple straps will definitely be replacing the standard triangle tops associated with unique touches like crop tonneaus and high-waisted bottoms are the beginner norm: "They're like mini power pieces, " Yamase said. You should go to some of her go-to brands underneath and get inspired to try something new cyber monday 2011. With sexy cut-outs and an exceptional variety of fits and styles, you can set up the perfect mix & match for your body means. Looking for something truly unique? Acacia it all always offer new styles  Victorias Secret iPhone 5 case associated with unexpected details. If you're looking for further more coverage -- or if you just a little don't want to shave! -- make sure you try surf leggings. These extremely colorful, waterproof, multi-functional leggings will always change your beach style. Looking for many styles and more affordable prices? San Lorenzo has you covered. With reversible other options, super soft fabrics and really intriguing colors and prints, Mary Loveliness Swim is a sophisticated and present-day choice. Bonus: their full-coverage other options strike the perfect balance between modesty and sexy! Want more? Yamase recommends Mikoh for their innovations and most modest cuts, Rove Swimwear thus to their exemplary attention to detail, and Seea's surf suits and booty jeans for the perfect mix of fashion and performance.

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