Give up refers to give up revenue from advertising, advertising platform will transform into a free service for the advertising vendors and publishers to determine share Google headache now. star wars iPhone 6 cases

Weifeng Web on January 14 in 2010, Apple introduced iAd advertising platform, to advertising publishers and content partners 30% charge to income, but recent foreign media reports that Apple is planning to give up advertising.

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Published six years after Apple intends to abandon the iAd advertising

According to BuzzFeed News from foreign media person there was informed that Apple plans to give up advertising but not give iAd advertising platform, but this platform into a free self service, no longer serves as advertising for publishers and content partners (application developer or News news source) among the media, but by themselves, the two decided that all revenue-sharing. star wars iPhone 6 cases

This also means that Apple will no longer charge 30% advertising fees in the future. BuzzFeed News points out that Apple does not wish to give up a high income business, iAd advertising platform profits was less than satisfactory, might as well make it free so as to attract more advertising partners, which also increases the chip to compete with Google in the advertising field.

In fact a few days ago, Apple Senior Vice President of Internet software and services AiDi¡¤kuyi (Eddy Cue) at the time of the Wall Street Journal have revealed plans to abandon the iAD advertising, he says Apple is accelerating the iAd network development is expected over the next two months for News News Publisher provides a self-service ad-buying tools.

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