Domestic manufacturers of frustration: why is VR phone box, doing is not as good as the Samsung

(Pico1 VR cell phone box)

"As": VR phone boxes, which many insiders believe is pseudo-VR experience bad, however Samsung Gear VR acclaim. Why do so many domestic manufacturers make phone box, but no one can achieve Samsung's level? VR Box headset

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network" public concern about) the first experience Pico1 when you move the VR, think this is a good homemade VR cell phone boxes, because it makes me feel a kind of similar to Oculus immersion. But following several experiences found all sorts of problems, insert a different phone, problems encountered are different.

Pico1 a music video had been working with the launch of Super helmet Pico (the bird) in Beijing released a product similar products very much. This adapter 5-6-inch cell phone, cell phone through a Bluetooth connection, there is a touchpad for control in the right side of the helmet. At first glance thought it was good, because it's myopic regulatory function so I don't have to wear glasses to read (and many other products have this feature, but the results were not good), another angle is good.

Further experience found that experience is not perfect, some of the extent of the problem will change depending on the phone's different, such as the drift of the screen, Samsung, Huawei, millet's cell phone will do better, reporter and later Moto x is very serious, because the various hardware and software products is mixed. Of course, this is a test version, the official version in the software can be improved. These problems are also common in other domestic mobile phone box.

Gear VR is a phone box, the gold standard: why standard of domestic producers is difficult to do the same? Network interviewed the CEO of Pico Lei Feng Zhou Hongwei (not Zhou Hong祎).

Domestic manufacturers of frustration: why is VR phone box, doing is not as good as the Samsung

(Pico CEO Zhou Hongwei)

Lei feng's network: I have Caton in found footage while they play, why is this?

Zhou Hongwei: you said it, contains two links, the first link is a gyroscope motion algorithm processing, including image output for this product all of which were realized in the phone.

How do you say we do this kind of product, the greatest experience is nothing, if you want to do better? Must be for mobile systems, software, include the bottom part of a modification, which enhance the depth of development to do.

VR actually do good, I have two points: one is the adapter at the bottom of a good, or VR did some revising and perfecting; the second screen of the screen itself is very good. I now see, this kind of mobile phone products, experience with me today about two in category three (desktop VR and VR-one) there is a gap. Two other products can remedy these problems, and mobile containers may need to work with mobile phone suppliers to do.

We launched this new product will fit as many phones as possible, which is uneven, processing speed, and screen refresh rate will affect the experience.

Lei feng's network: I have a question for a special adapter for Samsung Gear VR games, another cell phone, change a VR helmet and experience will be a great difference?

Zhou Hongwei: it depends on what kind of games. If some game emphasizes the depth of the VR experience, bigger, faster, really bad. Are there restrictions on the first screen, Archiact the game like that and put them in some bad experience on a mobile phone. One possibility is that companies actually do, is for domestic mobile phone screen adaptation.

A sense that limits the product's experience and development. Samsung is so positive? Because it is born with this accumulation. But this will change.

Lei feng's network: a high split-screen is AMOLED is universal, in addition phone performance will increase.

Zhou Hongwei: because mobile phone manufacturers are concerned about this, but I think they haven't committed to doing this. Adjusted from the phone three-axis gyro, acceleration, and then select screen, you can do with Samsung was very close.

Lei feng's network: at this time we expect mobile manufacturers themselves are willing to do some adjustment going to fit in this regard.

Zhou Hongwei: prior to VR helmets are light experience, cannot be said to experience. So there is some small games, video, videos, 360 degree all these things.

Domestic manufacturers of frustration: why is VR phone box, doing is not as good as the Samsung

Lei feng's network: Pico on today's event also refers to the adaptation of mainstream 5-6 inch mobile phone?

Zhou Hongwei: nothing more than optical adapter. Pico VR software we can read your phone's model, including the resolution of the screen. Equivalent to the back-end database that has a cell phone, an insert that you know parameter, it's really quite simple. It can make the appropriate adjustments, so that users see the black border.

Lei feng's network: this adaptation of sensor, the system is also no depth.

Lei feng's network: continue to talk about the content, and each wishing to establish their own standards, want to allow content producers to match your own. But is unlikely to have done for each of the models of the content adaptation, only some phones can be selected, select some helmets. This choice, most definitely would choose Samsung, or other companies.

Zhou Hongwei: refers to content, in fact, is primarily a PC platform mobile platform, mobile platform less. So you need to set up a standard, unified interface, it is not so easy.

There is a process, Google has such appeal, it is also true that in actively working on this matter. Is the same as mobile OS, if done well, naturally he can unite these platforms. But it could be 2016 or 2017, it will be in the second half have significantly improved.

For us, the Pico co-operative and open attitude, a common standard is a good thing. VR box goggles


Lei feng's network also heard from the others, actually is most suitable for VR phone box for mobile phone makers, because they have full control on their phone. Smell millet, however, its two domestic manufacturers have some action, but did not release related products. In fact, everyone knows that VR is the air, believe that they are not to be missed. For startups, could face up to hug her, or the destruction of the choices.

VR box goggles

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Give up refers to give up revenue from advertising, advertising platform will transform into a free service for the advertising vendors and publishers to determine share Google headache now. star wars iPhone 6 cases

Weifeng Web on January 14 in 2010, Apple introduced iAd advertising platform, to advertising publishers and content partners 30% charge to income, but recent foreign media reports that Apple is planning to give up advertising.

star wars iPhone 6 cases

Published six years after Apple intends to abandon the iAd advertising

According to BuzzFeed News from foreign media person there was informed that Apple plans to give up advertising but not give iAd advertising platform, but this platform into a free self service, no longer serves as advertising for publishers and content partners (application developer or News news source) among the media, but by themselves, the two decided that all revenue-sharing. star wars iPhone 6 cases

This also means that Apple will no longer charge 30% advertising fees in the future. BuzzFeed News points out that Apple does not wish to give up a high income business, iAd advertising platform profits was less than satisfactory, might as well make it free so as to attract more advertising partners, which also increases the chip to compete with Google in the advertising field.

In fact a few days ago, Apple Senior Vice President of Internet software and services AiDi¡¤kuyi (Eddy Cue) at the time of the Wall Street Journal have revealed plans to abandon the iAD advertising, he says Apple is accelerating the iAd network development is expected over the next two months for News News Publisher provides a self-service ad-buying tools.

No longer despised game industry 2015 I have contributed to both the

On January 5, the news broadcast of CCTV, the State press and publication administration, 2015 games industry revenue reached 140.7 billion yuan, surpassing United States as the world's largest market. Number of players in China has exceeded 100 million, 2015 e sports no longer are businesses and individuals, some local governments have put the industry involved in the development of local cultural industries. E-sports will be the rapid development of related industries in the country, will be the hot jobs of the future. INCIPIO Case

140 billion on CCTV you active

Industry experts said: "the games industry in the cultural industries all over the world as a whole is one of the fastest growing industries, the industry must develop asset-light, but also in the economic downturn, to have double-digit growth in industry, it is very unlikely. ¡±

If you compare the same entertainment culture compared to the movie industry in 2015, films about 44 billion yuan, gaming revenue of approximately 3.3 times the market for the film.

Single-party, online party, the tour party, the host of the party, everyone used nouns divide themselves in this camp, no matter what you are "party", a part of the contributions you are in the 140 billion in 2015, how much money did you put in the game?

Queen of China's game market figures

140 billion on CCTV you active

Over 10 years ago we can scarcely imagine, once video games are generally seen as a scourge of this country, contacts in the game are beaten by their parents when he was young, and dismissed as "determination does not think progress", but now it is over United States as the world's first gaming power. Many peers must also remember with deep black bars over and over, pirate life like weeds spring killing scene in the era, even if you think the domestic gaming market is a mess, but at that time, has good did not know how many times.

In 2015, China's gaming industry is or has come to own the best of times.

2015, China game user reached 534 million people, compared growth 3.3%, over China netizens total near 60%, but China population base big, players number natural also huge, a per capita zhihou on became vulnerable has, from game players of per capita consumption level,, China per person annual game spent for 897.8 Yuan, still far below Japan of 1987.4 Yuan; Korea of 1842.1 Yuan and United States of 1271 Yuan.

140 billion on CCTV you active

Chinese players spending habits are changing, from the proportion of paying players, paid players accounted for 35% of the total number of players in China, than the United States, and Japan's 59%, Korea 55% still have more room for growth.

2015 survey data are focused on China in all sectors of the market, in addition to the overall game market scale, China Mobile Game revenues reached 51.46 billion yuan in 2015, surpassing Japan and the United States the world's largest travel market.

China's gaming industry has formed eco-industrial chain, it has both content production, there are platforms and channels, there are many players in supporting this market.

More than 10 years old big swim swimming finally power failure

140 billion on CCTV you active

In recent years, due to saturation and market smartphones and Tablet mass replaced, desktop computers and laptop computers since 2011 began to turn negative. According to Gartner estimates, notebook and desktop computers within China and around the world sold flagging will be continued in the next five years.

Client games 2015 China market sales income reached 61.16 billion yuan, an increase of 0.4%, pages travel market sales income reach 21.96 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3%. Although still accounts for the bulk of income, but the increase is already grim.

End page tour market declining growth rate, showed that the market has become saturated.

In the past more than 10 years, computer games, with the popularity of PC and rapid access to our live, online games are Internet caf¨¦s along the streets, occupied the masses of games daily leisure. Compared to the PC game piracy and the policy of pressure, online games page tour celestial no enemies, held the title for a long boss, said the dream ', ' journey ', ' world ', your online game players are expected to remember their own messed up how much money in these games. Now the boss's position not guaranteed, on the wall behind it, mobile games are fast hurry.

Tour on the playing side, you should also be aware, the server player is quickly lost, and new players are not as large as the imagination poured in. Many large-end tour was "uninterested", and began to put the game details, began to concentrate more on economic gains from the fast part, most end-tour companies, have been hand's arms.

But esports games like a fire, half the red-hot online games. According to the Administration's data, 2015 e-sports market in China reached 27 billion, number of players has more than 100 million people, surpassing United States as the world's largest e-sports market. Is constantly refining the competing domestic industry chain, large amounts of capital into the markets, is expected in 2016 will become more mature.

140 billion on CCTV you active

Single in the world who doesn't know Steam

140 billion on CCTV you active

In 2015, China's game market sales revenue of 140 million Yuan, a figure in the game industry, rather awkwardly, even close to the fraction, games than the country hosts as well. But we want to see PC games 2015 rose 180%, has obviously increase compared with previous years, can be seen as games increasingly perfect market system, some manufacturers eye returned to the traditional markets.

2015 not only abroad of single masterpiece more, domestic single also rendering full outbreak of attitude, shaft sword Gaiden: dome of gate, and legend odd man biography 6, and new martial arts group man biography, and Royal days drop magic biography and St female of song 3,, for "protection endangered species" of mentality, domestic piracy industry on domestic single game rarely Xia black.

Life really difficult for domestic games in 2015, we learned a new curse words, called "character" players, "feelings" to satirize the development team to do something rather than a piece of shit. So want to revitalize the domestic single, key is to honestly give players confidence.

Destroy affected by the game sales, digital download channel has is the way players buy games mainly, and today is the most important source of PC game download Steam store. PC game sales are not counted in income Steam, or everyone's confidence will be enough.

Steam is now synonymous with evolved for the PC game, all PC gamers to play an important platform. According to statistics from Steam Spy, the game distribution platform in 2015, creating a total value of USD 3.5 billion game market, is amazing. According to their estimates, Steam and now hold about 15% of the global PC market share, absolutely Super predators.

140 billion on CCTV you active

Steam users in China has exceeded 6 million beyond the United Kingdom 5.67 million. This, of course, to consider population issues, but for a market that has long relied on piracy, and the results have been quite surprising. Some time ago the black five, most of the players have chopped his hand, domestic consumption habits of the players are from "down under" to the "buy buy buy" transformation, legitimacy is strong over piracy.


This is a welcome change. With special low prices to the market of Steam gradually working again, this number is expected to continue to increase, short time of course we certainly can't overtake United States 20 million subscribers, landed the Chinese game of Steam and still not much domestic games Steam in the future will become an important battleground.

As long as the growing legitimate market environment will become better and better, manufacturers have developed dynamic, single games market will continue to grow and get better.

Weak potential for infinite number of hosts

140 billion on CCTV you active

On November 25, 2015, the Oriental Pearl new media hosted a "2015 home game developers Conference", PS4 and Xbox one Chinese partner Shanghai Oriental Pearl, PS4 and Xbox One line total sales reached 500,000. PS4 console sold 410,000 of them, plans million next year.

Sales of game software was not announced, but the official said next year plans to achieve the goal of two hundred (issue 100, the game sold more than 1 million," today ").

Over 8 months PS4, Xbox One more than 1 year. From this point of view, sales of 500,000 is pathetic. Fewer games, this is the first problem, despite some really high quality exclusive games, but PC machines also have a lot of good games, in quantity, PC absolutely superior to the game console. INCIPIO Case

Second is to audit time, play first-hand tends to be the player of the game's biggest passion. However a long review process really makes people mad, and you get "first-hand" game, others may have got through. While processing time is required within 20 days of the Ministry of culture, but it is still difficult to match global synchronous release on the PC side.

However, PS4 in the country line 2015 year a turning point in the second half, April 2015 after a system update, confirm no longer lock area. PS4 full expansion of global games lineup soon thereafter, in Sony's full implementation of culture, PS4 full price after the end of September, the prices by 500 Yuan, PS4 momentum began to punch.

140 billion on CCTV you active

Fingers out, PS4 on March 20, 2015, listing, PS4 sold about 10 million units around the world, 410,000 equivalent of 4% is very good now.

In contrast X1 is more tragic, stick users reflect, X1 first edition (September 23, 2014) was not announced until a few days ago and finally finished.

Home hosts in China are very weak, but this does not prevent the host players celebrating, you think, just over a year, hosts game users in China had reached 500,000. Compared to years ago, corner angle at which the host does not know it! Also need a little bit of progress.

Mobile game no match for continues to lead

140 billion on CCTV you active

In 2015, all the research company announced, China mobile game has been more than United States, as the world's largest market for mobile games. 2015 mobile gaming revenue of 51.46 billion yuan, an increase of 87.2%, and 2014 than slower growth, but still enough to be the dominant force in game industry growth.

Investment in Chinese consumer applications in Apple's App Store market has grown, ultra-100% more than last year. App Annie's report shows that in the first quarter of 2015, iOS downloads, China had more than the United States. To the second quarter of 2015, China started its iOS application download volume growth of important impact on income, share of China App Store revenue grew the most, gaming revenue in China in the top 100 of iOS app accounts to 81%. Benefiting from strong performance in China, Apple's App Store revenue was higher than the Google Play 80%.

As an ordinary smart phone users, you may not realize it, your contribution to a lot.

You may well be past 2015 years bought his first iPhone, then click on the games on your phone for the first time. Is probably the first time recharge into the AppStore account to buy his favorite game, of course, is also possible you accidentally fell down a krypton gold pit, 11 even the ship Gan do local players, priceless you are happy anyway.

420 million (now over) mobile games, 46.6% of the players will be paid for a hand, is reading the article you should be one of them. Even 4% people every month in the spending of money on games more than 3000 Yuan. Worth noting is that in those groups pay more than 5000 Yuan per month, 1.3 times times the number of female gamers are male. Play hand is my sister, strength should not be underestimated.

140 billion on CCTV you active

Market is getting bigger at the same time, things do better seems to be inevitable. Whether China mobile game market became the world's first or second, and players the biggest relationship has always been that this can bring more fun to the game.


Digital we are most proud of the Chinese game market, but must also be clearly aware, global games industry, Marvel lies in the huge population of China's market of consumption and income, rather than the development and creativity of the market, and so when we can show off income to show output from talking about cost to talk about creating, we are the real powers of the game.

Digital products at a large shopping mall game shop, a man what is normal commuters out of a cupboard in PS4-sedan-the gravity of vertigo, surprised said: "wow!" Remake of the game, there are Chinese! "Like found treasure as holding to the checkout. This is the author's recent game-related small daily, daily, happening every day, little by little, into a powerful thrust.

The best of times, seems to be Yes, but in the best of times, and also have the best system, the best of creators, the best marketing environment, the best person, and the best players. How else to match the "best" this formula?

This is a miracle, is also enjoying the fruits. Revolution has not succeeded yet, comrades should still work hard.


If the App Store is an independent company, it must also be the Fortune 500! Does this explain iPhone sales growth remains healthy?

IPhone App Store crazy growth decline was misunderstood?

About a week ago, according to Apple's official report, 2015 alone for a whole year, App Store spending more than $ 20 billion, if the Apple share count, every dollar Apple extract 0.3 dollars into his account, then Apple App Store revenue of more than US $ 6.6 billion last year. Already there are many striking examples to prove that the numbers are exaggerated, such as the Netflix company is also selling content, a year is almost the number ($ 6.8 billion).

Certainly it was pointed out that the $ 6.6 billion to Apple for the company as a whole is not what Apple FY 2015 annual gross income of up to $ 234 billion. However, App Store sales growth indirectly reflects the strength of Apple crazy hardware, indicating whether smart phone, tablet or computer product sales are very good, after all, has always been Apple hardware products the best indicators of real income.

Crazy App Store growth

Apple App Store revealed a little of actual income figures for the entire year is how much, just sales, time released almost every January 1. For example, the beginning of 2014, Apple announced the 2013 total more than $ 10 billion of the user in the App Store. Then in early 2015, Apple says 2014 total consumption grew by 50% App Store users, already comes to $ 15 billion.

Apple also said that since the 2008 Global App Store to developers to pay nearly US $ 40 billion, developer profits increasing from $ 25 billion last year and $ 15 billion. After this numbers into projections, Apple App Store sales throughout the year 2015 year should be around $ 21 billion, rose did not decline, even higher than this figure over the past 50%.

TESLA iPhone

Apple is also mentioned in a new report, App Store once again during the December holidays in the West at the end of a record. Despite reports about iPhone sales declines, stocks fall, but Apple still says users worldwide to buy app and in-app purchase items totaling more than $ 1.1 billion, more than at any time in the past, flow with the purchase for two weeks on record, and new year's day only reached US $ 144 million in sales. TESLA iPhone

Does that mean iPhone sales are still growing?

IPhone App Store crazy growth decline was misunderstood?

Apple App Store, although these figures are not an important basis for revenue guidance, nor direct proof how sales of the iPhone, but there is no denying that this is a good sign, indicating that Apple's iPhone user base has continued to expand, even by iPhone 6s or 6s Plus reported sales declines, did not affect a growing number of iPhone users.

In addition, the same facts can we took last year to speak to me? As we all know, iPhone experience last year sales in the history of the most exaggerated one quarter reach 74.5 million in quarterly sales growth by as much as 37%, net sales increased by 52%. Taking into account this year's App Store revenue growth is similar to last year at the same time, this signal can suggest iPhone sales this quarter?

In fiscal year 2015, its quarterly analysts ' meeting, Apple boss Tim Cook noted that his iPhone shipments are expected to grow. But analysts are not optimistic about, and have lowered their expectations, or claiming that only 2% of iPhone sales for the quarter increased or think at best flat, or even expected to slide in.

Just recently, there are a number of analysts are not optimistic about sales of the iPhone, that iPhone sales have been slowing attitude, mainly based on rumors spread in the supply chain partners. For example, review of Nikkei Asia, recently reported that Apple cut component total orders for the quarter, reducing up to 30% over the same period last year. TESLA iPhone Case

We don't know the iPhone sales or order numbers came from a sharp decline in credibility, but at least Apple's official App Store sales can be regarded as the most credible basis.


Real News on this treatment? Apples you can snack.

Wei Feng network, January 11, Apple recently said that because of an unknown error, and publishing partners shared some wrong iOS 9 News application usage data, and added that their is no way to know exactly how many people are using the service. KENZO iPhone 6 Case

Apple Senior Vice President of Internet software and services AiDi¡¤kuyi to the Wall Street Journal, by iOS 9 News provides content publishers receive the wrong data. As regards what is Apple still do not know, because currently they are focusing in on the other characteristics of a perfect fit.

He said: "we are currently working to solve the problem, but our data is much less than the actual data, we don't know exactly how much is the data. ¡±

KENZO iPhone 6 Case

Apple did not introduce any details related to the question, or when the issue is found, but Cui pointed out that the use of the data, calculate too much less calculation, accurate traffic data for online content monetization is very important, because these data are an important reference for advertising pricing and sales. Kenzo france

Application of the uncertainty: what is Apple News flow

With Apple News Publishers can keep all the proceeds from the sale of advertising, if media release party ad by Apple is responsible for sales, then into the Apple and the media will be 37. Regardless of which is the case, Apple requires must be advertise through its iAd network.

As for future development, Cui said that Apple is currently developing new features for iAd, including a self-service advertising sales tool, which is expected to be launched within two months.

On analysis, the News limited application support tools to integrate data from comScore, and some publications want to support easier access for more information. Apple just by simple email provides publishers with a spreadsheet, so that they can understand the latest data.

News last September with the iOS 9 synchronization log in United States, after a month in Australia and the United Kingdom launched, its users currently has more than 40 million people. So far Apple has not published on the application of the rate of flow or this publication.

Cui said the Apple News app used in "rapid growth ... ... But that doesn't mean we don't want users continues to grow. "Cui stressed that Apple launched the app again is not to control the distribution of content, but want to be able to provide quality content for Apple device users.

News content can be customized by the user of the application, showing personalized features will become direct competitors of Flipboard. Apple users can choose according to their interest in a variety of news sources, News will be news information sources integration and elegant interface for a display in the News again.

With Explore button in the News, you can find the recommended content and topic. Read more in the News, it will recommend more content you might be interested in. Pictures in the News reading experience, Apple calls it Photo mosaics. At present, the News has more content partners, including the New York Times, ESPN, etc.

Last month, this one thing: testing a Google robot car is on its way, after an intersection when a pedestrian suddenly appeared. Don't worry, the pedestrian did not happen, the correct response to the Google driverless cars, the system brakes, avoid the pedestrians in front of, perfect to serve as a "safe driver" role. While pedestrian intact, but Google cars have not been so lucky, because car drivers due to not hit the Google driverless car, a crash just happened.
Google has already put in a driverless car test on the road, it can be said the driverless cars are experts on traffic laws and regulations, set by their procedures in strict accordance with the law, never a situation of violation. But this setting sometimes can cause problems, because other human drivers of the car and sometimes not so "disciplined". In 2009, for example, when an unmanned vehicle in Google test when this is the case: after an intersection when the Google car suddenly broke down. Because it is set by the program: only at the junction on the left and right when the vehicles stopped at the corner of driverless cars will start the program. Junction a driver has slowly moved forward, however, did not stop completely, which led to Google car comes suddenly of paralysis.
Just Google the problems faced by a company. Driverless cars for the new, research shows that one of the biggest challenges faced by the new car, is how those not fully in accordance with the rules of traffic safety drivers share the road with human drivers.
Driverless car researcher Donald Norman, Director of design at the University of California laboratory, said: "now the real problem is that driverless cars are too concerned about security, they must learn to come when you need to be doing ' fierce ', and as to when they need to do, depending on the driving culture and habits in different regions.
Researchers predicted that when all cars are on the road in the era of driverless cars, traffic accidents and the casualties they cause will be greatly reduced. But the wide use of driverless cars, we also have many years of time, testers now also working to address many of the challenges faced by driverless cars, such as hacking, as well as some of the more practical issues, such as if a driverless cars on the highway and suddenly paralyzed to do.
Current development of self-driving cars also face a more immediate problem, which is how it can coexist with human drivers, and coordination. In fact, many car manufacturers have added some security accessibility to their cars, such as in the case of distance too close to remind drivers, or even stop programs that start automatically. In this context, Google in July this year, of Austin, Texas, and expand the scope of their unmanned vehicle testing, apart from them, other companies started to drone technology research, such as the Uber.
In actual road forms when Google's driverless car has been taken can be said to be "cautious" way, as far as possible avoid all hazardous situations, it can be said they are always with the maximum safe distance between themselves and other vehicles on the road.
Google driverless car tester Tom Supple around at Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley recently conducted a test, in an interview, he said: "Google driverless cars will always drive in accordance with traffic regulations. This way completely safe-sometimes to confuse other drivers on the road and even dissatisfaction, they'll think: ' this car do? the driver how so? ' "
Since the beginning of 2009 have been Google's driverless car has undergone 16 traffic accidents, most of which are rear. The company said, in an accident, the cause of the accident was human driver errors. Including the rear-end collision that occurred on August 20, Google disclosed the accident this morning from a to z. In order to avoid pedestrians in front, Google's driverless car slowed down, and then test the artificial slams on the brakes. But the car was hit from behind, and testers are slightly injured, was taken to the emergency room.
However Google's investigation on the accident report also showed that although testers put on the brakes to stop the car, was the right decision. However, if your car doesn't have a test but driverless cars alone to master control of the vehicle, then vehicle may not completely stop, but continues to move forward at low speed, and closer to the intersection, and then stop. After doing so can give more time and space. Whether it will be able to avoid the collision? for this problem, Google's statement is: this assumption could not speak clearly.
Google says, experienced in all accidents, should be borne by the Google car with a fully. This happened in August 2011, a Google car and another vehicle is in a moving motor vehicle collided. However, in this case, Google car being driven by testers for manual. In other words, in this case, mistakes are still human drivers, rather than the system.
Human and machine, looks hard to each other. Such as lane departure technique, this technique when drivers deviate from the current Lane, by beep or vibration of the steering wheel to remind the driver. This technology is good, but in 2012, the insurance industry's study, many researchers by surprise. Data show that vehicles equipped with this technology collision rate is slightly higher than even those vehicles without this technology.
Bill Windsor of Nationwide Insurance safety experts said that because of this warning system is too sensitive, drivers are likely to feel they are too annoying, so as to turn it off. This situation is not uncommon, and human behavior will always conflict with the behavior of the machine. When, for example when the car deviated from the current Lane, the car makes a sound, the reality is, the driver is consciously changing road and forget to use lights or no car behind, without the use of lights. In this case, automotive systems will still beep, this will allow drivers with no choice, they can only choose to turn off warning system.
Windsor shortly before the experience of human driving behavior conflicts with the overly complex automotive technology. He was driving his new Volvo on the road, this car is equipped with "adaptive cruise control" function. In the case of relatively simple traffic conditions, this technology can automatically adapt to the current speed.
But like Google driverless cars, this technology too strictly in accordance with the traffic regulations. While in motion, it will maintain a maximum safe distance with the car in front. This leads to a question: that other car in the next lane will suddenly "jump". Windsor said when using this function, there are always others trying to jump the car, and after closing success, it will open and the car distances, and then car stopper ... ... The cycle makes him uncomfortable.
Google driverless car engineered said Dmitri Dolgov, head of software Department, in charge of the driverless car projects, he learned the most important thing is that the human driver should learn to "don't be so stupid".
Google spokeswoman Courtney Hohne said driverless car projects, current unmanned vehicles the purpose of the test, just make the vehicle between the software and the human "smooth-running and excessive." For example, at the crossroads, when there are other car when slow-moving forward, driverless cars will not be paralyzed, but identified it as human drivers are used.
Professor of industrial and systems engineering at the University of Wisconsin, defensive driving and automation expert John Lee said that when humans when dealing with these situations, it is common practice to "eye contact". Through eye contact, people can exchange information, and decide who has a limited right of passage.</p>
He added: "how to make driverless car also has this ability to make eye contact?"
But Norman has different views. After many years of unmanned vehicle safety research, he believed that driverless cars will be popular in the future, because now that drivers are always will be distracted by other things, such as mobile phones as well as other in-car technology.
Sena Zorlu is a enterprise co-founder of Sunnyvale, California witnessed Google's driverless car accident recently, said she had also had a red light seen in mountain view Google's self-driving car. After the accident, she immediately took cell phone photos of the scene.
She will go to bed photos on Instagram, in an interview, she said: "under normal circumstances, I do not use mobile phones while driving. But the accident happened right next to me, so I seized the opportunity to capture the photo.

Victoria's Secret iPhone Case
Last Spring, thousands of students, alumni and faculty gathered outside the CFE Arena to engage in UCF's very own PINK Party.

(Photo: Via Victoria's Secret PINK by visiting UCF Facebook page)

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Despicable Me iPhone Case
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Hermes iPhone Case
Hermes iPhone 5S case announce number of new routes from Cyprus parking lots

Hermes iPhone 5 case is in negotiations with an extra two German companies, German Wings and Germania with an aim at to take them to include Cyprus in their flight daily activities. FAMAGUSTA GAZETTE • Hermes Shopping malls has announced the operation of latest routes to and from Cyprus, as well as a rise in the frequency of flights upon existing routes. Vueling Airlines inaugurated its route Larnaka-Barcelona on April 28th and will fly twice vacation. From 22nd of June, Wizz Air, incorporated new routes, leading Larnaka with Lithuania`s capital Vilnius, and by March 2015. Flyniki the expected to include in its flight agenda, the Pafos-Vienna route. In addition , Mexican Airways is increasing its aircraft this summer by adding extra flights as well as the connecting both Larnaka and Pafos, with London (Gatwick). Edelweiss produces informed Hermes that it will continue some flights to and from Cyprus, throughout the frigid weather, from Larnaka to Zurich (Switzerland). Moreover as of 26th of November 2014, Ryanair is also expected to replace its routes to Cyprus, relating Pafos with Rome-Ciampino (Italy), Brussels-Charleroi (Belgium), Kaunas (Lithuania), Manchester as well as the London-Stansted (United Kingdom), Thessaloniki, Athens and Chania (Greece). It should be noted that the majority of during this period, Hermes is in negotiations accompanied by another two German companies, German born Wings and Germania with an lust after getting them to include Cyprus in their flying schedules. In his statement, the Chief Government Officer of Hermes, Wes Tenir, expressed his satisfaction that several Cyprus Airports are continuously at the moment enriched with new routes as well as the new airlines. He also distressed the fact that these developments are the serious continuous, collective hard work done by Hermes, in collaboration with other organizations with this Cyprus tourism industry. — (FG/Agencies)

Marcelo Burlon cover iPhone 5
Marcelo Burlon Allover Snake Skate Dark fabric from the Fall Winter 2014 System.

Marcelo Burlon cover iPhone 5 Allover Snake Skate Dark fabric from the Fall Winter 2014 System.

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